Why Doesn’t My Surgeon Specialist Visit Me Daily?

Most PMP Pal members choose to schedule their surgeries at university hospitals. The majority of our surgeon specialists are professors; the young physicians who do visit you daily (more commonly twice a day) are their students, who carefully report on your daily condition, under the supervision of your surgeon specialist.

Due to the detailed nature of our surgeries, it is not uncommon for our operations to last eight to fourteen hours, sometimes even longer. The time surgeons spend in the operating room does not include prep time to evaluate and plan the treatment of your individual case; this requires additional time.

The long hours in the operating room, combined with hours devoted to consulting with newly diagnosed patients in the clinic, time devoted to research studies, time scheduled for coordination and preparation of symposiums and conferences, etc, leaves little time for daily bedside visits with patients in the hospital. Therefore, frequent monitoring of the patient’s recuperation, as conducted by the nursing staff and physicians in residence/training, provides the surgeon specialist with the opportunity to supervise your recuperation without daily visits.

When your surgeon does visit you, don’t be surprised if s/he pops in very early in the morning (on the way to surgery) or very late at night (after surgery has been completed.)

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