Q: LA in the USA asks the following…

My adult daughter had CRS and HIPEC three months ago, yet still feels nauseated with occasional bouts of nausea. Her surgical oncologist says it will take a few months for her digestive system to “wake up.” Is this normal?

GG responds:

Each patient’s case is unique; it's not unusual for patients to experience nausea three months post CRS and HIPEC.

However, your adult child should be physically evaluated by her surgical oncologist to rule out any complications (ie obstructions, new tumor growth, adhesions, etc.)

For future follow up care, she may consider doing what some GI cancer patients like myself do; seek the counsel of a local gastroenterologist. Since gastroenterologists specialize in treating the digestive system as a whole, some of them are more knowledgeable regarding GI distress than are the local "family doctor" or local oncologist.

Perhaps your daughter’s surgical oncologist and a local gastroenterologist develop a treatment plan to discover the source of your daughter’s symptoms and alleviate them.



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