The Importance of Walking After Surgery (CRS and HIPEC)

By Jim M, cancer free for five years!

After surgery, get up as soon as your healthcare team recommends and as often as they allow. Generally, your nurses will help you to stand up and walk a few steps the first day after surgery, including while you are still in ICU. You will feel unsteady on your feet, therefore, a nurse will assist you.

During the days following surgery set a goal to walk a little farther every day. Begin with two steps, four steps, out the door of your room, half way down the hospital corridor, and so forth. Gradually you will walk the length of the corridor once/twice/three times! Your IV pole will be your “walking partner!”

Getting out of bed and walking may make a difference in your recovery time. Eventually you will be strong enough to stroll down the corridor without a nursing assistant or family member to accompany you!

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