Is it time for your flu shot?

The subject of vaccinations is a “hot topic” this month, as many patients are lining up to receive their flu shots!

Patients, and their family caregivers, affected by Appendix Cancer, Pseudomyxoma Peritonei and anyone else experiencing a challenged immune system, are especially interested in maintaining optimal health. However, influenza vaccines are not the only ones for consideration in one’s overall health care plan.

Have you reviewed your vaccination schedule with your licensed healthcare provider recently?

Do you have special needs, which require additional attention?

If so, what might those special needs be?

What are your risk factors for exposure? For example;

Are you a caregiver to the very young, ages newborn to five years of age, or to seniors?

Do you, or someone you take care of, suffer from a breathing disorder, asthma, or COPD?

Are you, or someone close to you, pregnant?

Have you had your spleen removed?

Do you plan to travel outside your country in the near future?

Have you ever had chicken pox?

Do you have sickle cell anemia?

How old are you?

Are you receiving chemotherapy?

Do you have kidney failure?

Do you, or does someone you take care of have HIV/AIDS?

There is no “cookie cutter, one size fits all” answer to which vaccinations, if any, are appropriate, for your individual needs. This is why, as with any other healthcare issue, a consultation with your physician is warranted.

Here are additional vaccinations to consider reviewing with your healthcare provider:

Hepatitis A, B and C
Hib (Hemophilus influenza b)
Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis

Maintain a list of your vaccinations, and the dates you received them, in your medical history file.

Lastly, don’t forget that frequent and thorough hand washing can go a long way in protecting you and others from “sharing” the flu!


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