PMP Pals' Network Celebrates 14th Year of Service: 1998-2012

This month marks the beginning of the fourteenth year of service for the PMP Pals' Network!

Our volunteer "grass roots" program serves patients and their families in 49 countries and in more than a dozen languages!

Developed by a cadre of ten dedicated patients and family caregivers in Holland, the United Kingdom and the United States in 1998, our goals have remained consistent and proven to be successful for more than a decade.

Our mission has been to assist patients in obtaining the best possible medical care/treatment for rare cancers/diseases affecting the digestive system,

To educate the public about our rare disease, treatments for our disease and the need to support research for treatment,

To provide practical resources and support (financial, health insurance, transportation, etc.)

To provide pre screened, trained and vetted "Pal Mentors" to share helpful suggestions for pre and post treatment recuperation, 

And, in conjunction with our first goal, to interview, vet and publicize responsible healthcare providers who demonstrate expertise in the treatment of our disease.

Of the Founding Members of the PMP Pals' Network, including Pal Family Caregivers Bernard Goldberg, Sara Shatford Layne PhD, Tom Panek and Audrey Ragan, three remain living today, with octogenarian Mr. Panek having passed away due heart disease three years ago.

The Founding Members of the PMP Pals' Network, included Pal Patients, Elizabeth Collins, Henry den Hartog PhD, Gabriella Graham, Charlotte Lindon, Edie McCall and Joan Panek, two remain living today, with Mrs. Collins, Dr den Hartog, Mrs. McCall and Mrs. Panek having passed away due to complications from cancer.

Surviving Pal Patients, Mrs. Lindon and Mrs. Graham, share the same diagnosis of metastatic mucinous adenocarcinoma with Pseudomyxoma Peritonei. Neither of these patients have ever been cancer free. Both are veterans of numerous surgeries for palliative care, and remain active participants in the PMP Pals' Network today, in spite of their original poor prognoses. Mrs. Lindon recently celebrated her 91st birthday!

The PMP Pals' Network is proud to provide patients and their families with the most comprehensive source of practical information regarding Appendiceal Cancer,Pseudomyxoma Peritonei and all Peritoneal Surface Malignancies via, a site so popular that it has been copied by other "support groups" and healthcare industry companies.

The "Pals" pride themselves in providing "real time" and face-to-face support and resources for patients and their families. In spite of the rarity of our various diagnoses, we are able to personally match liked minded patients and their families, in a manner that provides true comfort and assistance at a time when it is needed the most.

PMP Pals puts the "CAN DO!" in Cancer! ®

We CAN outlive our prognosis!

We CAN live well in spite of a challenging and rare diagnosis!

We CAN find a cure for our rare disease!

Thank you for your participation in the PMP Pals' Network!

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