Longtime Pal Caregiver, Ron Ordona, RN, has joined the Advisory Council of the PMP Pals' Network after participating in our Network for more than a decade!

Ron became interested in pursuing a career in nursing during his teenage years, when his mother became ill with a heart condition.

Ron had already become a registered nurse when, years later, his father was diagnosed with 
Pseudomyxoma Peritonei, Ron turned to the PMP Pals' Network for resources to assist his dad. 

To say that Ron is a busy man is an understatement! Ron balances his nursing career with caregiving, consulting, volunteer work and in pursuing his next degree.

Ron has focused his career on the specialties of oncology, telemetry and gerontology.

Currently Ron is a Clinical Nurse at UC Davis Medical Center,
Post Master's Student Family Nurse Practitioner Program at San Francisco State University,
Board Certified (BC) Gerontology Nurse at Care Home By RNs,
Telemetry RN at Seton Medical Center, Telemetry Unit
and former Assistant Nurse Manager at University of California.

Ron brings a variety of attributes to the PMP Pals Network, and is often a popular speaker at during our Pal Conference Weekends.

Ron is multilingual; he speaks English, Tagalog, Hiligaynon and Cebuano/ Visayan.

Ron is featured on several pages throughout www.pmppals.org including our Caregivers' Resources page!

For more info about the PMP Pals' Network Advisory Council, see About Us.

*MSN (Master of Science in Nursing)

BC (Board Certified Gerontology Nurse)

CMSRN (Certified Medical-Surgical RN)

TNCC (Certified, Trauma Nurse Core Course)

CNII (Clinical Nurse II- UC Davis Med Center Patient Care Resources)

FNP Candidate 2013 (Family Nurse Practitioner)





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